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Let us make your day Extraordinary...

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Gypsy Sips Cafe

My Gypsy Promise


I shall not emulate another barista, that would not differentiate me. I want to be defined by emulating myself.


I take the best ingredients, help them to express their highest potential... For you.

If in the process, I touch the soul of your palate, sharing the difference between a 'good cup of coffee' and a 'Magnificent one' Then I have done my job.

Gypsy recipes should intriguing, obsessed with quality, defining her character.

I'm hoping Gypsy's the reason your day just got better. That my friends gives me the greatest pleasure.

From my heart to your cup.

-Liv Salazar, Founder

For the love... of "Coffee"

Extraordinary coffee, like well-written poetry, shall rock your Gypsy soul!


Blends like Wanderlust, Gypsy Blend, Gypsy Vine, Suava and Tambourine inspire and reveal the inner artist in all of us.

Wanderlust, born in 2019, our third-anniversary blend. It is a grab your heart, kiss the sky kind of feeling. This tri-origin blend of Honduras, Brazil and Indonesian beans takes you on an unforgettable journey. It's a Medium to Dark roast.

Gypsy Blend, My first-born! Birthed in 2016, for the seasoned coffee drinker. She has a way of revealing your alter ego. Pulling from five different origins. Creating an eclectic fusion of Ecuadorian, Ethiopian, Columbian, Costa Rican, and Guatemalan beans. She is rich, robust, and smooth down to the last drop. This blend is a darker roast.

Gyspy Vine, born 2017. For the dark chocolate and red wine lovers. A Sumatran based blend joins Kenya, and Ethiopia for this eclectic experience. A slightly dry finish like an excellent Petite Sirah, it's perfect  for dessert, celebrations, or a "just because coffee." It's unforgettable! A Darker roast.

Tambourine, born in 2018, my personal favorite! This custom roasted blend was orchestrated with all of you musicians in mind. With an earthy and smokey Sumatra base, a rich and sweet Brazilian bean, and it's citrusy Costa Rican cousin crescendos to a smooth and eloquent finish for an extraordinary symphony on your palate. Medium roast.

Suave, Born 2121. Inspired by Sierra Vista!

Latin inspiration, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills in this bustling mini city, I now call 'Home'.

In this diverse community, filled with 'Artisans, musicians, chefs and bakers. I blended rich Columbian and Brazilian beans, deriving in a one-of-a-kind sweet nutty flavor notes; medium/dark roast with low acidity.  A firm chocolate and caramel finish. Perfect blend for my homies! 

-Enjoy! Love Liv

Organically Devoted

Striving to be environmentally aware, we pride ourself on ethically sourced plantations from around the world. Gypsy's is devoted to the well-being of the community and our environment.


From our heart to yours, one cup at a time.

Sincerely, Gypsy Sips Cafe 

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